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Next Day Passport Card

Passport cards are a relatively new addition to travel documents, and it can actually be used instead of a passport book in some instances. And because passport cards are much cheaper than their book-form cousin, they make for a good choice for those looking to travel on a lower budget. A passport card looks like any other credit card, but this one lets you travel to different countries. While next day passport card delivery isn't possible, we can guarantee your passport card will be delivered within 2-3 weeks, or your money back. Also, you always have the option of getting a passport book, which can be sent via next day service by Fast Passport Services.

If you plan on using a passport card, there are a few restrictions you need to know. The first is method of traveling. You can only travel on a boat or in a car. Traveling anywhere by airplane requires a passport book. The second restriction is destination. You may only use a passport card for entrance into Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, or the Caribbean. If you need a regular passport book, please visit our new passport page.

To get a passport card, you will need to have:

  • A passport card application
  • Proof of US citizenship, or your current, valid passport
  • Proof of identification, or your current, valid passport
  • Passport photos
  • Intent of travel

Keep an eye out for the option to get a passport card with your passport book while completing the online information. This is a handy service, as you will not have to fill out two separate applications to get both of them.

There is no age limit for passport cards. For those who are 16 or older, their passport cards will cost $55 or $30 if they've previously had a passport card. Passport cards for children under the age of 16 cost $40. Adult passport cards are valid for 10 years, while childrens' are valid for five.

Once you've completed everything, one of our specially trained passport representatives will guide you through the rest of the application process. You will also get a check list and a guide to make sure you have everything you need as well.

Please feel free to call us at 800-441-7492 if you have any questions or would like some help completing the application.

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