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24 Hour Passport Card

There are several instances where a passport card can be used in place of a passport book. They are also much cheaper, meaning you can travel on a smaller budget. They fit into your wallet like any other card might, but this card helps you travel abroad. While there isn't a available 24 hour passport card delivery option anywhere, you can opt for getting a passport book delivered within 1 business day on Fast Passport Services. If you decide that the passport card is the best option for you, we guarantee that it will be at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks, or you receive a complete refund.

Passport cards come with certain restrictions on where you can go and how you can get there. Passport cards can only be used or travel by land or sea and only for traveling to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. If you are going anywhere else or have to go by airplane, you will need to obtain a regular passport book. For more information on how to get a passport book, please visit our page on new passports.

In order to get a passport card, be sure to have:

  • A passport card application
  • Proof of US citizenship, or your current, valid passport
  • Proof of identification, or your current, valid passport
  • Passport photos
  • Intent of travel

One option you have is to get a passport card along with your passport book, which can save you a lot of time!

Passport cards for children under the age of 16 will cost $40 and are valid for five years, while passport cards for adults will cost $55 or $30, depending on whether or not they've had a passport card before, and are valid for ten years.

Once your order is completed, you will receive the aid of a passport specialist who has undergone months of training to be able to answer any questions and resolve any concerns you might have. You will also get a helpful guide and checklist to help keep everything organized.

You can reach us at 800-441-7492 if you'd like some more information or if you would like some help with the application, so don't hesitate to call. 

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