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Expedited Passport Pages

Passport pages are a necessary part of traveling. If you don't have a sufficient amount of blank pages, a country is able to deny you access inside. A request for additional passport pages is a service we offer here at Fast Passport Services where you can get more pages without having to get a new passport. The service itself is quick, easy, and painless, and we offer a variety of shipping options to suit the time frame you're working with. Expedited passport page service will have your passport back to you in 8-14 days, and it costs $99, with an additional government fee. Our simple three-step process ensures all of your needs will be addressed and met in the most timely manner. In order to get passport pages, you need to be in possession of an up-to-date valid passport.

There are a few requirements for getting additional passport pages:

  • Your current valid passpor
  • An application for additional passport pages
  • Intent to travel

During the three-step process, you will be able to choose how quickly you'd like your passport returned to you. Expedited delivery has the longest time frame, and there are additional options should you need it sooner.

Please note that same day service is restricted to the Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and San Francisco area, as these are the locations of our service agents, and appointments are required to ensure you get your passport back the same day.

As soon as everything is submitted, you will receive your order confirmation. You will then be put in touch with a specialized passport agent who is able to answer any questions you might have and guide you through the rest of the process. You will also receive a useful checklist and guide to make sure you are able to completely fulfill any passport obligations.

If you have any sort of question, need some help filling out any forms, or would like to set up an appointment to get same-day service, please call 800-441-7492.

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