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What is an acceptance agent and their fee?

Acceptance agents are authorized by the government to witness the signing of your DS-11 application and to confirm the person submitting for a passport is indeed that person applying. They are responsible to review your documentation and seal these documents in an envelope, so no one can tamper with the documentation prior to being received by the Department of State. If you are applying for a new passport, child passport, damaged passport or a lost/sotlen passport then this visit to an acceptance is mandatory prior to you sending in your application to Fast Passport Services for processing.

Acceptance agent fee or commonly known as AA Fee's, is a fee you will pay the federal official that is authorized in sealing your contents in an envelope for shipping. Please note the charge does not include the actual shipping and only covers the cost of the acceptance verifying and sealing your documentation in an envelope they provide. Current the Acceptance Agent fee is $35 and is subject to change without notice.

Please note Fast Passport Services will only accept packages from FedEx due to time constraints and security of your personal documents. This is in your best interest, as we have found there to be issues when using standard USPS services.

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