Terms of Expedited Service

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Fast Passport Services is a full service U.S. passport expediting company that aids U.S. Citizens in receiving a passport back faster than the standard process. Fast Passport Services has years of experience in passport expedition and ensures a simple, fast and easy solution in receiving your passport back in time you require.

What does it mean to expedite a passport?

To expedite your passport is an official term meaning to rush, speed up or accelerate the passport application process. By expediting your passport request you are indicating a sense of urgency to have that passport back quickly. Fast Passport Services only offers expedited services and does not offer standard processing. All applicants not wishing to expedite their passport should visit their nearest U. S. Post Office.

U.S. Government Approved

Fast Passport Services is approved by the US Department of State to hand carry passport applications for passport expedition. Our passport couriers are licensed by the U.S. Government to ensure client safety and that all requirements are met in expediting your passport request. Even though we are not a Government Agency we are nationally recognized as a passport expediting service for passport expedition.

Our Experience

Our experienced passport specialists will assist you with obtaining the correct documentation and personal information before submitting your passport application for processing. Our daily evolvement and constant communication with the U.S. Department of State allows us to stay up to date with new and on-going passport regulations to ensure you are approved. Every representative with Fast Passport Services goes through months of official training to ensure each client's needs and requests is met. Here at Fast Passport Services we are committed to the excellence of service we provide.

Dedicated Communication

Fast Passport Services employs an advanced communication system that keeps its’ passport applicants up to date with constant status updates through out the entire passport process. Here at Fast Passport Services we believe in human contact and that is why you will be assigned your own passport specialist to help you from start to finish. Your dedicated passport specialist has had extensive training to ensure every passport application is handled with care and accuracy. If your application was to incur a problem or error once at the U.S Agency, Fast Passport Services is equipped to find a quick resolution in order to ensure a passport back in time to you. Our automated system immediately alerts you to this delay and advises you if your attention is required.

Speed of service

Avoid the wait... Avoid the lines... & Avoid the confusion of Passport Requirements. With Fast Passport Services' online service we ensure that you will get your passport back in the time frame you choose. Our online system will give you detailed instructions along with all the necessary forms in order to make your passport process simple, fast and easy! We currently offer services that will allow you to process a U.S. passport from 24 hours to two weeks.

Who uses this service?

Fast Passport Services has successfully helped ten’s of thousands of Americans expedite their passports in time for their trips. Current international restrictions require all U.S. Citizens from birth to carry a passport when leaving the United States. Whether you’re a new passport applicant or have a need to renew an existing passport, Fast Passport Services is there to help.

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