Terms of Service

I, , understand that when I order services from Passport Services I am entering into an agreement with Passport Services, and that these terms and conditions apply to my agreement with Passport Services. In the agreement, I have certain responsibilities and Passport Services has certain responsibilities, and all of those responsibilities are contained in the paragraphs below.

Authorization by the Customer

I, , hereby authorize Passport Services to submit and expedite passport application to the U.S. Passport Agency and to accept delivery of the passport on my behalf. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579), no information may be released from U.S. Government files without the prior written consent of the individual in question. Consequently, an employee of the U.S. Department of State cannot discuss the details of my passport application with the courier without my permission. I will agree to this condition by signing the Letter of Authorization given to me by Passport Services.

I hereby authorize Passport Services to act as my limited passport agent for the purpose of submitting and facilitating my application through a passport courier. I understand and agree that Passport Services cannot accept responsibility for delays in or loss of any document(s) by any party not directly under Passport Services' control, including, but not limited to, Travel Agents, Consulates, Embassies, Passport Offices, Passport Acceptance Agents or any other Entities or any mail or commercial couriers or delivery-service involved in handling documents.

I understand that I am paying certain service fees to Passport Services that are separate from the government fees that I am required to pay the U.S. Department of State, which is the government's fee for issuing a passport or related service to me. Passport Services helps me throughout the entire passport procuring process by aiding me in my documentation, and by helping me submit and retrieve my passport as my authorized passport courier, within the time frame that I have selected based Passport Services' levels of services. Passport Services does not issue or claim to issue my passport or any other travel documents. The reservation I am placing with Passport Services is limited and as such is required to be fulfilled within 90 days from purchase. My failure to submit my required documentation to Passport Services within 90 days, regardless of cause, will cause my reservation with Passport Services to expire and my purchase of Passport Services' services to become fully non-refundable.

I agree to pay Passport Services and be responsible for the agreed upon fees and charges in accordance with these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, Passport Services' cancellation policy set forth in these terms and conditions.

Agreement by Customer to Pay Non-Refundable Processing Fee

I understand that Passport Services is in the business of providing expedited passport services so that applicants can obtain U.S. Passports, and other passport services, on an expedited (i.e., rush) basis. Passport Services provides services that allow customers to select to process a U.S. passport from 24 hours to 15-20 Business Days. This is a specialized service that does not constitute standard passport processing and requires that Passport Services incur upfront out-of-pocket expenses and reserve limited application slots.

Passport Services therefore immediately charges me a non-refundable processing fee to hold a limited spot open to expedite my passport and immediately grant me access to a part of the site reserved only for Passport Services customers. I understand that this non-refundable processing fee is shown as a separate charge on my credit card statement. I understand that Passport Services' processing and filing of my reservation is immediate and by nature cannot be reversed, and is therefore non-waivable and non-refundable. I acknowledge that a fee that is designated as non-refundable is not repayable to me under all and any circumstances from the moment I select the "Submit" button on the order form.

Acknowledgement by Customer of Passport Services' Cancellation Policy

I understand that: (a) as stated in the “Non-refundable Processing Fee” section above, certain fees are non-refundable regardless whether I decide to cancel with certain permitted time frames; (b) if I decide to cancel and want a refund of certain other charges, I must cancel by a specific deadline as spelled out in the Passport Services cancellation policy; and (c) I remain fully responsible if I do not cancel on time or, among other circumstances, I fail to provide Passport Services the follow-up documentation that is necessary to complete the government's passport process. Any Cancellation Request must take place during normal business hours by speaking with a live representative by calling Passport Services at 844-713-9314.

I understand that the following rules apply to cancellation:

(For Expedited Super Saver, Expedited Service, Rush Service and Priority Service Only!)

  • If I cancel within three (3) business days of placing my order, I may request a full refund of my service fee and shipping fee. I understand that my $50.00 non-refundable processing fee remains non-refundable.

  • I understand that I remain responsible for the full amount of my service fees if I wish to cancel after three (3) business days of placing my order or if my documentation has been received for processing.

  • Any level upgrades or additional options added after the original purchase with Passport Services are automatically non-refundable.

For Same Day Service, 24 Hour Service and Next Day Service Only!

  • If I cancel within three (3) business days of placing my order, I may request a full refund of my service fee and shipping fee. I understand that my $100.00 non-refundable processing fee remains non-refundable.

  • I understand that I remain responsible for the full amount of my service fee if I wish cancel after three (3) business days of placing my order or if my documentation has been received for processing.

  • Any level upgrades or additional options added after the original purchase with Passport Services are automatically non-refundable.

For All Other Service Levels

  • Any cancellation of an order after three (3) business days will be charged the full amount of its current level of service or if my documentation has been received for processing.

  • Any level upgrades or additional options added after the original purchase with Passport Services are automatically non-refundable.

90-day Expiration Policy

  • All reservations regardless of level of expedited service are subject to an expiration period of 90 days. After 90 days following placement of the reservation, the reservation will expire, and not services will be provided, with all fees being non-refundable.

For All Service Requests

Passport Services' cancellation policies are strictly enforced. Please note our office hours for times and days of operation. Cancellations by email are not accepted as we need to verify that the person(s) canceling the order, is (are) indeed in fact, the person(s) who made the order. All orders received by our online system are date and time stamped upon receipt.

I understand that that my agreement to obtain expedited passport services is not subject to cancellation because of travel changes or other events that might occur (e.g., Flight Cancellations, Missing Flights, Flight Delays, Travel Itinerary Changes, Acceptance Agency Problems, etc.). In the event my application for a passport is denied, I agree that Passport Services' services were nonetheless already provided and the funds paid for the service are non-refundable. At such time contents will be shipped back to the me at my shipping expense.

With respect to an order that is cancelled, I understand that Passport Services may take up to one full billing cycle to refund back to the card used. Refunds will not be paid in the form of cash, check, or anything else other than the card the order was placed on.

Responsibilities Of Passport Services

I understand that Passport Services is responsible to provide me with expedited (in other words, rush) passport services, according to my instructions, within the time frame that I advise Passport Services I want a passport. I understand and agree, however, that Passport Services is only responsible to provide me passport services (1) if I do my part by fulfilling my responsibilities, which are stated in the "Responsibilities of the Customer" section below, and (2) under the conditions that are discussed in the other sections of these terms and conditions. I understand that I need to read all of the terms and conditions below.

Responsibilities of The Customer

I understand that as the customer, I am responsible to: (1) provide to Passport Services the documents that I am told by Passport Services to provide in the form and within the time frames I am told to provide them (and that if I do not, I may have to pay additional fees to Passport Services in order to obtain my passport within the time deadline I have selected); (2) pay Passport Services the fees that apply to the service I purchase (I understand that, as discussed in the paragraphs below, some of those fees are NOT refundable, and others are, but only on the conditions that are discussed below); and (3) authorize Passport Services by agreeing to these terms and conditions.


I understand that that the fees and charges I have agreed to pay are those stated for the level of service I selected, plus any additional fee, if any, I have requested. These additional fees are described below.

Additional Fees (Optional)

These fees are optional but are disclosed upfront in any underlining circumstance that may arise. All optional fees are authorized as a separate transaction and must be requested with my verbal approval. Please note that once an optional fee is verbally approved, it automatically becomes non-refundable.

  • Saturday Delivery: $30 Additional

  • First Morning Overnight Delivery (6am-8am delivery): $35 Additional

  • Documentation Correction Send Back Overnight: $30

  • Government Fee Correction: Government fee plus a $25 Processing fee

  • File Search for lost/stolen passports: $150

  • Service level Upgrade (Faster Service): $50 per level

Passport Services' Limited Guaranty

Passport Services expressly disclaims any warranties, whether express or implied, except with respect to the agreement to refund certain fees under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Passport Services guaranties, on a limited, service-fee back basis, to provide its services and to deliver the passport services to me within the time frame selected by me, provided: (a) I fully and timely meet my obligations under this agreement; (b) the U.S. Department of State does not delay, suspend, or deny my passport application; or (c) there are no other circumstances or events beyond Passport Services' control (e.g., weather, service outages, transportation interruption, delays or errors by FedEx or other mail or commercial couriers or delivery service, etc.). This guaranty is limited to a refund of service fees paid to Passport Services. In no event may Passport Services be liable for an amount in excess of the service-fee paid to Passport Services, or for any damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect. I further acknowledge and agree that these limited liability provisions are reasonable and commensurate with the pricing and services being provided by Passport Services.

Though Passport Services is providing passport services to me, Passport Services has no control over any official requirement that an issuing authority may require. Passport Services has no control over the decisions made by U.S. Department of State regarding denial or approval of any passport. Requirements for procurement of a passport services can and will often change. Passport Services will not be held responsible for changes in U.S. Department of State requirements, whether mandatory or subjective. Passport Services will attempt to notify me of any such changes as they become available.

Additional Information and Requirements

With respect to this expedited service, I, the customer, understand that a travel itinerary is required. If a travel itinerary can not be provided, then I promise to provide a letter from a business or hotel stating that I am traveling soon - this document is necessary for the U.S. Department of State to accept my application and process it in expedited manner. The U.S. Department of State does allow other circumstances of expediting a passport. If the above requirement doesn't meet my circumstances, then I promise to provide other documentation showing why I have an urgent need of obtaining a passport.

I am responsible to correctly complete all of materials on a U.S. Passport application. I understand that the content and/or completeness of my applications and statements therein may affect the decision to either approve or deny my U.S. Passport. I understand that I am responsible for a complete and accurate application of the information submitted to the U.S. Department of State for procurement of any passport. I acknowledge that Passport Services is not responsible for any delays resulting from errors or omissions in information provided to Passport Services by me.

Passport Services reserves the right to refuse any service to any customer for any reason that may cause damage or inaccurate information that leads to a law being broken, whether local, state, or federal. I understand that Passport Services' maximum liability for refusal of service is limited to the amount of fee paid by me to Passport Services, under all circumstances, and without limitation.

Complaint or Question Box

If I have any questions about charges, cancellation policy, or any disputes with Passport Services, I agree to call Passport Services at 844-713-9314 and talk live with one of Passport Services' representatives.

Agreement Concerning Handling of Disputes

I agrees to pay to Passport Services any costs of collection Passport Services reasonably incurs in enforcing these terms and conditions, including reasonable attorneys' fees, plus interest on amounts due and owing from me to Passport Services at the rate of 10% per year, subject to legal limits.

Passport Services and I both agree that each of them will bring a lawsuit against the other only in the State or Federal Courts located in Palm Beach County, Florida. By signing below, I agree not to challenge the jurisdiction or venue of the State or Federal Courts in Palm Beach County Florida. The prevailing party in any lawsuit shall be entitled to recover its costs and attorneys' fees from the non-prevailing party.

Acceptance of "The Terms of Expedited Service"

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to the above without dispute. Any and all applicants must accept all the terms and conditions list above in order to use this expedited passport service in procuring a U.S. Passport. Your I.P. address is being recorded as that will be treated as your online signature for this transaction. Recorded 05/21/2018 02:23 PM.

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